Customised One-To-One Lessons

High quality, flexible and fully customised one-to-one Japanese language courses. We can provide courses for a range of needs

Daily Japanese

All of our instructors are experienced native Japanese, so you can learn genuine Japanese.

  • MARUGOTO Japanese Language and Culture – Express Yourself
  • Hiragana, Katakana, intro to Kanji

Test Preparation

F2L Academy’s professional instructors will support you until you pass the JLPT and BJT exams.

  • JLPT Prep for N4
  • JLPT Prep for N5


Come to experience our F2L workshops tailored to your needs and interests. They require minimum commitment, and still you will learn a lot and meet the community! (We offer some workshops in private lesson manner as well.)

  • Japanese Boot Camp!
  • Hiragana, Katakana, intro to Kanji

Business Japanese

Here at F2L, we go beyond language learning, helping you develop a comfortable life in Japan, and a stronger career path.
Through our language and culture programs, we can build international teams.

Japanese for Kids

This is a Japanese course for kids. We provide Japanese language education tailored to each child’s needs.

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Free Trial Lesson

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Free Consultation

If you are unsure of which level to take, please take the “Free Consultation” first.

We will provide you with a free consultation to discuss your needs, determine your aptitude, and guide you to the best class for you.

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Why Choose F2L?

Support in English

Start off with a free consultation in English to learn your level.
When you start, all our beginner courses are taught in English so you can swim, not sink!

Workshops & Long-Term Courses

Committing to long courses when you’re already so busy can be challenging.
At F2L, we offer a range of different options to suit your schedule and taste. Try out a free trial lesson, join one of our workshops, or join the community of students in our longer courses tailored to your needs.

Online and in-person classes

Take classes from the comfort of your home, at your office, or at one of our Tokyo schools!
Or try out one of our workshops.

Trusted, High Quality Service

Each of our teachers are highly trained Japanese native speakers, and we have catered to expats, families, embassy officials and businesses.
They’ve all been pleased with our service, and we’re sure you will be too!

F2L is for People Like You!

Learning Should be More Fun and Easy!

F2L means “Fun to Learn”. Our unique F2L method allows you to learn faster and deeper stress-free with joy, accelerating independent learning attitude.
We motivate students by seeking their interests and needs, thus improving steady learning curve. You can conquer that traumatic feeling, “Japanese must be a difficult language, so I don’t like it!”, and lead yourself to more efficient learning.

Got to Find the Way to Understand “Japanese Way”

Not only practical Japanese language used in daily life and at workplace, we also offer activity-based classes to learn culture background for understanding lifestyle and business practice. They give you good insight into Japan, making your daily life and workplace become a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Looking for Good Classmates for Peer Learning

Whether it is basic grammar, Japanese cultural experience, debates, or fun event activities. You will learn efficiently and deeply when you learn with classmates in the same boat. You can also speak Japanese with your counterparts for quick learning check up.

Too Busy to Go to Classes

We offer wide range of flexible courses to suit your needs.

  • Online and offline face-to-face or blended lessons
  • Private and Group lessons

Reservation can be made online on your preferred date and time 24hrs.

Our Teachers

More than 20 Japanese teachers are waiting for you at F2L Academy.
Click on Courses to Find More Teachers!

Ryoko Marumo

As a returnee who has lived in the U.S. since the age of 11, I know the benefits of education and culture from both of the world. Through 12 years of experience teaching Japanese and English, she I discovered a new way to teach language easily and accurately (F2L Method), and F2L Academy uses this method to accelerate communication skills and speed up the acquisition of Japanese through cultural understanding.

Tomoko Goto

I have been involved in teaching, curriculum planning/ Blended educational materials inside and ouside Japan.I strive for supporting students and teachers so that F2L Academy provides lessons where “you learn and practice Japanese you would want to use immediately after each class”., and where “teachers can maximize their values and experiences”! 

Rina Okada

I have always enjoyed learning foreign language ever since childhood but when I went to US to study and met friends learning Japanese so earnestly, I decided that one day I would become a Japanese teacher. After several years of business experience in tourism, I acquired certificate for teaching Japanese.I make my effort in delivering Japanese ICT materials and lessons that are easy to understand and practical for students.
I will continue to support students and teachers so they can learn and teach with fun and introduce such motivat programs provided by F2L to the world!

Hidenori Aoki

ince 2011, I have been teaching at Japanese language schools, especially business Japanese. In the meantime, I have taught business Japanese for three years at universities and Japanese language schools in Taiwan as well. Classes can be held in any particular format, such as class or private. I have also taught private classes according to the students’ job descriptions.

Kaori Ueki

I have been involved in Japanese language education since 1993. I have taught foreign students at Japanese language schools, vocational schools, and universities, business people at foreign-affiliated companies, and individual foreigners, using teaching materials tailored to their needs.
In April 2011, I was appointed as the head of the Business Japanese Course at The Naganuma School – Tokyo School of Japanese Language, a position I held until September 2020.
Based on my experience and knowledge through teaching, I have co-authored seven books, including a collection of questions for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and a textbook on business Japanese.
Although I have retired from active teaching, I would be happy to continue helping the Japanese language education community in any way I can.

Manami Tominaga

・An MBA qualified, senior executive with over 20 years’ experience in sales and management in international companies, consistently performing beyond expected standards in business development and exploiting commercial opportunities to secure competitive advantage and achieve business objectives.
・Ability to operate and communicate at all levels in Japanese and English in a global, matrix management, multi-cultural environment.

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You will become enjoy Japan more than ever!

Feedback from past students


What was your motivation to learn, and why did you choose F2L Japanese

I wanted to pass JLPT N5 and prepared for JLPT N4. I have received many positive feedbacks from friends on F2L and Marumo sensei.


Private clients

What class are you taking now?

I have been studying Japanese while working, so I took private lessons to pass JLPT5, and now preparing for JLPT4 and Useful Expressions


Professional Firms

What do you like about the class, teacher, school ?

Marumo sensei understood my needs and my learning style.
She has been very helpful preparing for and passing the exam. My motivation to continue studying Japanese increases on every lesson I take.
She always goes beyond the textbook and enriches the teaching experience with cultural insight.
She answers all my questions and explains kanji meaning in a way I always understand.


Private clients

How have you improved since you started studying at F2L Tokyo?

When I started taking lesson with Marumo sensei I could speak little Japanese.
Now I feel more confident when speaking; I can articulate more sentences, read faster and can understand others more easily.


Professional Firms

Who would you recommend F2L T to?

I recommend F2L to everyone who aim preparing for JLPT but also anyone who wants to learn Japanese beyond the textbooks.



Is Japanese Challenging to Study? How can F2L help you?

I think F2L helps many western people like me who are unfamiliar with Japanese writing system, grammar structure and more importantly with the communication rules of the Japan society.
Ryoko Sensei, I love your amazing descriptions of Kanjis’ meaning and your precise explanations to all my questions.
You opened my mind to the japanese culture and Asian world and I will miss our coffe together, along with Cookie.
We should continue and to something together: Italy and Japan have so much in common, there are so many possibilities.



Spanish Embassy

American Embassy


Marelli Japan


Which one is for you?

Free Trial Lesson

If you’re interested in this course, feel free to take a trial lesson!!

Free Consultation

If you are unsure of which level to take, please take the “Free Consultation” first.

We will provide you with a free consultation to discuss your needs, determine your aptitude, and guide you to the best class for you.

Free JLPT Online Level Check

Analyze Your Strength and Weakness !
Find Best Match for JLPT Classes
(No more unnecessary investments of time and money)