F2L offers wide range of blended high-quality original programs. You can choose very practical or interest focused Japanese programs, culture experiences and lessons you can learn Japanese lifestyle or business style. Your life in Japan will be a lot more enjoyable through our Japanese classes!


01 All Teachers Are Certified Native Japanese

All of our instructors are experienced native Japanese, so you can learn genuine Japanese.

02 Support in English

If you are not sure about which classes to take, we offer free consultations in English, not to mention English speaking teacher.

03 Easy Access to online classes

Online classes are available. No need to download apps, start your lessons right away!

04 Proven and Trusted Service

We have given Japanese lessons to many expats and their families including those from embassies and renowned firms.

05 Wide Variety of Classes

We offer a wide variety of topics from JLPT, business Japanese, to everyday life problems.

Our Teachers

More than 20 Japanese teachers are waiting for you at F2L Academy.
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Ryoko Marumo

I nurture curiosity, developing skills for inquiry. I respect independence and flexibility. I am committed to teach with enthusiasm, exploring knowledge, connecting cultures, and most importantly, FUN TO LEARN! 12 years of teaching experience, teaching certificates, business experience, corporate training, private tutoring, reading club, children teaching

Tomoko Goto

Learning a foreign language is an inspiring experience because it helps us expand our horizons.But as a very keen language learner myself, I understand people have diffrent goals or learning speed.
That’s why I put importance on making my lessons tailored to individual needs.

Rina Okada

Hi! I’m Rina. I love to travel and eat delicious foods! I usually go for a drive with a camera or eat at good restaurants on my day off. Let’s make travel plans for the weekend and vacation while learning useful travel phrases with fun! I’ll introduce my recommended spots in Japan and delicious foods! I’m looking forward to learning Japanese with you!

Shiho Yamashita

I have been teaching Japanese for about 10 years, including 1 year in Australia.
I love getting to know people through teaching, because I believe we can learn from each other.
In my lessons, I value communication as well as having a good time.

Kiyoka Kishi

How is your life in Japan? I know it can sometimes be difficult to communicate with people who have different cultural and language backgrounds, because I’ve felt that way when I lived abroad. But I also know that interacting with a different culture and its people is a fun and interesting experience. Let’s learn Japanese through such experience with me! I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

Classes & Activities

Private Lessons

  1.  One-on-one, in-person learning session with our certified instructors
  2. Customized curriculums based on each student’s needs;
    Ex. “Want to maintain Japanese conversation ability” “Want to jump up one/two grades on JLPT” “Want to reinforce listening ability”, etc.
  3. Schedule flexibility, Teacher flexibility
21,120 JPY30% OFF14,784 JPY / Sessions: 4
42,240 JPY35% OFF27,456 JPY / Sessions: 8
63,360 JPY40% OFF38,016 JPY/ Sessions: 12

60 minutes per lesson

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Short Conversation (Private)

  1. Flexible 20 minutes conversation class you can reserve anytime during our business hours.
  2. Find the topic you love to talk about with the teacher who is good at it!
  3. Have fun talking, so you feel confident, have deeper knowledge and be a better communicator.
3,960 JPY / 3 lessons〜

20 minutes per lesson

Corporate Japanese Language Programs

Our Corporate Japanese language programs for Foreign residents and expat families features practical and activity based programs that make difference in foreigners’ workplace retention rate and improvement in facilitation at the workplace. It is intended not only to make foreign employees active in business, but also to strengthen teamwork and communication at the workplace with local staff.

Prices are quoted on request.

The F2L is for People Like You!

Learning Should be More Fun and Easy!

F2L means “Fun to Learn”. Our unique F2L method allows you to learn faster and deeper stress-free with joy, accelerating independent learning attitude.
We motivate students by seeking their interests and needs, thus improving steady learning curve. You can conquer that traumatic feeling, “Japanese must be a difficult language, so I don’t like it!”, and lead yourself to more efficient learning.

Got to Find the Way to Understand “Japanese Way”

Not only practical Japanese language used in daily life and at workplace, we also offer activity-based classes to learn culture background for understanding lifestyle and business practice. They give you good insight into Japan, making your daily life and workplace become a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Looking for Good Classmates for Peer Learning

Whether it is basic grammar, Japanese cultural experience, debates, or fun event activities. You will learn efficiently and deeply when you learn with classmates in the same boat. You can also speak Japanese with your counterparts for quick learning check up.

Too Busy to Go to Classes

We offer wide range of flexible courses to suit your needs.

  • Online and offline face-to-face or blended lessons
  • Private and Group lessons

Reservation can be made online on your preferred date and time 24hrs.

Here’s How


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You will become enjoy Japan more than ever!

Voices from students


What was your motivation to learn, and  why did you choose F2L Japanese?

I wanted to pass JLPT N5 and prepared for JLPT N4. I have received many positive feedbacks from friends on Sensei at F2L Academy.


Private clients

How have you improved since you started studying at F2L Tokyo?

When I started taking lesson with Sensei at F2L Academy I could speak little Japanese.
Now I feel more confident when speaking; I can articulate more sentences, read faster and can understand others more easily.


Professional Firms

What do you like about the class, teacher, school ?

Sensei at F2L Academy understood my needs and my learning style.
She has been very helpful preparing for and passing the exam. My motivation to continue studying Japanese increases on every lesson I take.
She always goes beyond the textbook and enriches the teaching experience with cultural insight.
She answers all my questions and explains kanji meaning in a way I always understand.


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