“7-11. What would I do without you.” -Everything You Need Available at Convenience Store in Japan

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“7-11. What would I do without you.”
-Everything You Need Available at Convenience Store in Japan

The Tokyo Olympics have finally begun.
About 16,000 media representatives from all over the world came to Japan. What seems to be a normal day-to-day routine for people living in Japan seems to have been very unusual for the media from overseas.
One thing that caught the eye of Devin Harlow, a reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), was the excellence of Japanese convenience stores.
Mr. Harlow, who attended the opening ceremony at 8 p.m. on the 23rd, wrote, “7-11. What would I do without you,” and described the convenience stores as follows.
“It’s 2:10 a.m. in Tokyo after 18 hours of Olympic coverage and the stores are still open! The shelves are well stocked. What a wonderful place!”
On his way back to the hotel from the National Stadium, he said, “I’m on the bus, but I hope the 7-Eleven is open…”
“I got off the bus. I’m walking towards the 7-Eleven,” he said on Twitter.  When this series of posts was translated by a Japanese account, it was retweeted and spread over 7,000 times. Mr. Harlow couldn’t hide his delight at the huge response and declared, “I’m going to 7-Eleven again tonight!

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