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(1) Introduce your friend to, and ask your friend to book a free trial lesson or a free consultation class with us.
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Customised One-To-One Lessons

High quality, flexible and fully customised one-to-one Japanese language courses. We can provide courses for a range of needs

Daily Japanese

All of our instructors are experienced native Japanese, so you can learn genuine Japanese.

  • MARUGOTO Japanese Language and Culture – Express Yourself
  • Hiragana, Katakana, intro to Kanji

Test Preparation

F2L Academy’s professional instructors will support you until you pass the JLPT and BJT exams.

  • JLPT Prep for N4
  • JLPT Prep for N5


Come to experience our F2L workshops tailored to your needs and interests. They require minimum commitment, and still you will learn a lot and meet the community! (We offer some workshops in private lesson manner as well.)

  • Japanese Boot Camp!
  • Hiragana, Katakana, intro to Kanji

Business Japanese

Here at F2L, we go beyond language learning, helping you develop a comfortable life in Japan, and a stronger career path.
Through our language and culture programs, we can build international teams.

Japanese for Kids

This is a Japanese course for kids. We provide Japanese language education tailored to each child’s needs.