We often hear comments at our first contact with our customers, that it is difficult for foreign residents to communicate with Japanese people, and thus they tend to feel isolated. In addition, according to HSBC foreign residents lifestyle survey report (2019), Japan was ranked 32nd out of 33 countries, in the ranking of countries with ideal environments for foreigners to live and work.

Factors that were particularly ranked poor were;
Easy to relocate(32nd)
Income level(33rd)
Work-life balance (33rd)
Making friends (32nd)
Education (33rd)

F2L found issues and causes in the following three areas.

(1) Lack of language skills, which are essential for true communication and work-life balance
(2) Lack of understanding the culture in various spheres
(3) Lack of opportunities for communication


Through the study of Japanese, we would like to play a role in enriching the lives of foreign residents, their families, and students living in Japan.

Nowadays, due to more remote working environment, language is becoming more and more important and essential factor, as it is difficult to have high quality interaction within and outside the company. Improving one’s communication skills can enrich one’s work environment and private life, which in turn, will motivate one’s eagerness to learn new language.

F2L believe in “Fun to Learn” and “Fun to Work”. Fun to learn and fun to work go hand in hand. If you learn new language with motivation and interest, your work environment and private life will be much better!

At F2L, we propose a program structure that achieves results with the goal of true communication skills.


F2L has the following five core values that create a cycle that enriches both learning and work.

(1) Blended and Interactive Programs
Blended and Interative Programs for more efficient and deeper learning.

(2) Free combination of four types of lessons
By combining different types of lessons,(Online, Face-to-Face, Private or Group, Community Building Activities) we take multifaceted approach to practical use and deeper understanding Japanese in accordance with second language acquisition theory.

(3) Textbooks and original textbooks by trained and selected instructors
We combine store bought textbooks and online original textbooks and exercises to provide you practical and useful Japanese.

(4)Free Consultation and Level Check Tests
We provide free consultation and level check tests online, so we can eliminate guesswork and provide you with the best solution for your needs and demands.

(5) Activities for Experiencing high Quality Japanese Culture and Exercises
Activities Improve motivation to learn and work while gaining a deeper understanding through exposure to high-quality Japanese culture, project-based role-playing training, etc.


With the establishment of the Minister of Loneliness in Japan, there is finally a common understanding that isolation is a social burden that must be eliminated from all directions.

We support all the foreign residents, their families, and the students learning Japanese to enjoy their lives in Japan, or have fun studying Japanese language, without experiencing such loneliness, but rather, achieving ideal work-life balance.

If you are HR in company with foreign employees, we can help you improve your employees’ performance and retention rate by facilitating their ways to communicate both inside and outside the company, and to enjoy Japan with their families in good health.

Message from the CEO


Ryoko Marumo

Thank you for visiting the F2L Academy website.

Even in today’s technologically advanced society, new channel of communication that one common language can open and the possibilities such channel may bring are limitless. For example, at a party, if you can speak a word or two in the other person’s language, how much of a good impression will that make? If you can’t speak at a business meeting or in the workplace because you don’t understand the language or the culture, you are sure to miss out on a lot of opportunities.

In order to acquire the Japanese language, which is a channel for such communication, the traditional Japanese way of teaching is quite impossible. This is because it is based on teaching method that has tortured Japanese people for a long time who could not speak English after studying so hard for years in school.

I was educated in the U.S., which is a country with a long history of teaching second language acquisition, and was able to join a regular class with local Americans in just two months after the first encounter with alphabets. I remember that the practical education I received in the class based on second language acquisition theory was excellent, but I also remember that I was able to increase my vocabulary through games and books at home outside of the regular classes, and wonderful experiences through local activities with my friends after school like local events, sports, movies, just sheer fun! Now that I’ve studied linguistics, psychology, and brain science, I can understand why books and fun activities go hand in hand when it comes to learning.

At F2L, we follow the theory of second language acquisition and take a thorough and multifaceted approach to learning immediately usable Japanese.

In every class at F2L, you will receive thorough practice of immediately usable Japanese using textbooks and original textbooks designed by our trained instructors.

We also combine four types of lessons: private lessons for flexibility, group lessons for peer learning, online lessons for easy practice at any time, and great activities to motivate you to learn about real Japanese culture.

We hope that learning at F2L will help to enrich the lives of foreigners living in Japan in these difficult times.


  •  After graduating from university, I worked in customer dealing at a major bank.
  •  After getting married, as a founding member of a multimedia startup company, traveled back and forth between Japan and U,S.
  •  I worked with top-level CG and commercial production companies in Hollywood, including Disney and ILM, and was involved in the production of car and beer commercials as a co-producer.
  • After accompanying my husband to study in Boston, I came back to Tokyo to be involved in all aspects of Rakuten’s startup, and created its first store management manuals.
  • After giving birth to first child, became a founding member of the women’s portal site “eSampo”, and was in charge of Business Development.
  • After the birth of her second child, I devoted myself to being a housewife while attending a study group of experienced volunteer storytellers from all over Japan, where I learned the importance of speaking to the heart of listeners.
  • When my eldest daughter entered elementary school , I became an English teacher, and eventually, curriculum planner at afterschool, and in order to make the most of my experience as a returnee and her longtime passion for education, I obtained certificats in English education for children and Japanese language education. In addition to teaching regular classes at a Japanese language school, I also taught science and social studies in English.
  • In addition to teaching regular Japanese classes at a Japanese language school, I also taught speech, academic writing, JLPT, TOEFL, etc. and started teaching English and Japanese on a freelance basis to businessmen and  children attending an American school.
  • I have incorporated drama and reading, language and Japanese culture activity programs into curricula to ensure efficient and in-depth learning.
  • I founded F2L Academy in 2021 spring to and I am now providing private lessons to business people and their families, training programs for embassies and corporations, and training programs for teachers. As F2L Academy, we will provide language services to bring Fun to Learn, Fun to Work!

Our Team


Ryoko Marumo

As a returnee who has lived in the U.S. since the age of 11, I know the benefits of education and culture from both of the world. Through 12 years of experience teaching Japanese and English, she I discovered a new way to teach language easily and accurately (F2L Method), and F2L Academy uses this method to accelerate communication skills and speed up the acquisition of Japanese through cultural understanding.

Business Development

Ai Takaya

I learned the joy of teaching through part-time jobs at a prep school and as a tutor when I was in college.
After completing an English teaching course at university, I worked for a major general company before moving to China when my husband was stationed there. While learning Chinese, I rediscovered the joy of learning the language.
With my experience in both teaching and learning, I am able to help companies hiring foreigners through business planning and development of teaching materials.

Business Development

Kenshin Sato

Through my experience as an exchange student, I felt the difficulty of communicating in a different country with a different language. At the same time, however, I realized that the experience of overcoming these difficulties was invaluable. At F2L, I will make use of my experience and support our users so that they will be happy to use our service.

Education Program Senior Staff

Akiko Goto

I have been involved in teaching, curriculum planning/ Blended educational materials inside and ouside Japan.I strive for supporting students and teachers so that F2L Academy provides lessons where “you learn and practice Japanese you would want to use immediately after each class”., and where “teachers can maximize their values and experiences”! 

Education Program Staff

Rina Okada

I have always enjoyed learning foreign language ever since childhood but when I went to US to study and met friends learning Japanese so earnestly, I decided that one day I would become a Japanese teacher. After several years of business experience in tourism, I acquired certificate for teaching Japanese.I make my effort in delivering Japanese ICT materials and lessons that are easy to understand and practical for students.
I will continue to support students and teachers so they can learn and teach with fun and introduce such motivat programs provided by F2L to the world!