2807, 2021

“7-11. What would I do without you.” -Everything You Need Available at Convenience Store in Japan


"7-11. What would I do without you." -Everything You Need Available at Convenience Store in Japan The Tokyo Olympics have finally begun. About 16,000 media representatives from all over the world came to Japan. What seems to be a normal day-to-day routine for people living in Japan seems to have been very unusual for the media [...]

2107, 2021

What is striking aspect of the Tokyo Olympics?


TOKYO Summer Olympic 2021 The Tokyo Olympics will be held for the first time in 57 years, since the first Olympics were held in Japan in 1964. The Games were originally supposed to be held in 2020, but a global pandemic of coronavirus forced a one-year postponement. However, due to the global pandemic of coronavirus, the [...]

1306, 2021

What is Okonomiyaki?


History of Okonomiyaki The ancestor of okonomiyaki is said to be "fu no yaki", a tea snack invented by Sen no Rikyu in the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1573-1603), but directly speaking, the predecessor of today's Hiroshima okonomiyaki is "one sen yoshoku", which was popular as a snack for children around the Taisho period (1912-1926). The flour [...]

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