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A wide variety of courses, from pre-departure preparation to client-facing training
Japanese language courses that are designed for practical daily use, not just textbook Japanese
Help employees improve not only their language skills, but business skills too
Courses for accompanying family members
Only the best high-level instructors

Here at F2L, we go beyond language learning,
Helping you develop a comfortable life in Japan, and a stronger career path.

Through our language and culture programs, we can build international teams
that are indispensable assets to society.

It is often said that the dropout rate for on-demand e-learning programs is 85%, and only 15% of students continue to the very end.
F2L is different. We don’t offer pre-recorded video lessons. For us, the interactive element is far too important. By having live online lessons, students can ask questions if they don’t understand, and our skilled instructors can provide feedback and motivation, giving the student an active part in their own learning. This type of active learning not only encourages the student to keep going, but also introduces a much more enjoyable social aspect to the course.

Pre-Departure Training

Onboarding for those who have not yet arrived in Japan

New Hires
(Social and Cultural Skills)

Improve understanding of Japan’s corporate and social culture

New Hires

Acquire basic skills for the office and daily life

Client-facing Training

Gain practical Japanese skills to tackle various business situations with ease

Japanese for Daily Life

F2L provide linguistic and cultural support to help employees achieve a fulfilling work-life balance


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American Embassy


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  • How do I apply?

    First, get in touch via our contact form above. Then we’ll provide you with a free professional consultation where we will propose a plan suited to your needs. If you like the sound of it, you can register with us and get started!

  • Where are the lessons held? Are there online courses?

    F2L lessons can be taken online, at your office, or at our offices. We have offices in Roppongi, Kamiyacho, Otemachi, Marunouchi, Shinjuku, and other locations near major subway stations around Tokyo.

  • How much will it cost?

    Online group lessons start from 2,200 yen. Please enquire for more details.

  • What kind of programs do you offer?

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  • What are the teachers like?

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  • When can I start?

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  • Interested? Get in touch!