F2L offers wide range of blended high-quality original programs. You can choose very practical or interest focused Japanese programs, culture experiences and lessons you can learn Japanese lifestyle or business style.

Your life in Japan will be a lot more enjoyable through our Japanese classes!

F2L Japanese Private Lessons

Summer Intensive Course with 3 Core benefits:

  1. One-on-one, in-person learning session with our certified instructors
  2. Customized curriculums based on each student’s needs;
    Ex. “Want to maintain Japanese conversation ability” “Want to jump up one/two grades on JLPT” “Want to reinforce listening ability”, etc.
  3. Schedule flexibility

60 min x 8 times lesson package plus free consultation and trial lesson* **
60 min x 12 times lesson package plus free consultation and trial lesson* **

* Lesson package purchases are eligible for a refund within 3 days after free consultation and lesson before the first lesson.
**Purchases will not be refundable once you have reserved your first lesson from the lesson package.

F2L Original Classes;
Rich in Content, Abundant in Variety


This is an online one-day event. You can enjoy a lot of experiences that you may encounter in Japan. This class is recommendable for all the foreigners, who want to learn the Japanese language, experience Japanese culture and have friends in Japan.

Private Lesson.

The private lesson is recommendable for those who want to improve the Japanese language thoroughly. Since lessons are given in accordance with individual language proficiency and learning pace, students from beginners to advanced can definitely improve the Japanese language efficiently. You don’t have to keep pace with others. You can learn in an ideal environment.


Group Class.

In the group lesson, you will learn a wide range of contents including daily conversation, Hiragana and Katakana as well the JLPT. You can meet foreigners living in Japan just like in your circumstances and learn the Japanese language together. You will have an opportunity for communications with your counterparts, which you cannot have in the private lessen.

Short Conversation.

Short conversation class is recommended for those who want to understand the Japanese culture in depth and enjoy the life in Japan. The class offers a wide variety of unique Japanese culture and language from the scratch. You can learn the Japanese language through a variety of topics from trips, movies, cartoons, animations, and tea ceremony to traditional Japanese clothes (kimono).

Community College.

The community college offers useful and practical programs for foreigners who are living in Japan. The programs include career consultations that many foreigners wish to have and business manners in Japan. Also included are the use of specialized fields such as medical institutions and drugstores, useful information on daily life and hobbies such as flower arrangement and cooking.

The F2L is
for People Like You!

Learning Should be More Fun and Easy!

F2L means “Fun to Learn”. Our unique F2L method allows you to learn faster and deeper stress-free with joy, accelerating independent learning attitude.
We motivate students by seeking their interests and needs, thus improving steady learning curve. You can conquer that traumatic feeling, “Japanese must be a difficult language, so I don’t like it!”, and lead yourself to more efficient learning.

Got to Find the Way to Understand “Japanese Way”

Not only practical Japanese language used in daily life and at workplace, we also offer activity-based classes to learn culture background for understanding lifestyle and business practice. They give you good insight into Japan, making your daily life and workplace become a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Looking for Good Classmates for Peer Learning

Whether it is basic grammar, Japanese cultural experience, debates, or fun event activities. You will learn efficiently and deeply when you learn with classmates in the same boat. You can also speak Japanese with your counterparts for quick learning check up.

Too Busy to Go to Classes

We offer wide range of flexible courses to suit your needs.

  • Online and offline face-to-face or blended lessons
  • Private and Group lessons

Reservation can be made online on your preferred date and time 24hrs.

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