Intensive JLPT: N3


Pass the JLPT in July 2022 with just two lessons a week!

What does JLPT N3 entail?

JLPT N3 is officially defined by the JLPT board as “The ability to understand Japanese used in everyday situations to a certain degree.”

More specifically, that means at JLPT N3 you will be able to:

  • Read and comprehend texts regarding everyday topics
  • Understand summary information such as newspaper headlines
  • Read slightly difficult texts in everyday situations
  • Understand the main points of slightly difficult texts with added alternative phrases
  • Comprehend everyday conversations spoken at near-natural speed
  • Understand the relationships involved and contents of everyday conversations

Course Overview

  • This is an intensive Japanese language course for those looking to pass the JLPT N3 in July 2022. Gain a solid foundation and broaden your Japanese language skills to pass with flying colors!
    In this course we will cover Japanese grammar, reading, and listening skills in intense lessons twice a week. We also aim to help you organize what you’ve learned so far and learn to efficiently pick up important contextual cues to reach the correct test answer. In addition to these essential JLPT skills, our talented instructors will help you broaden your vocabulary and guide you on the practical usage of your Japanese skills. Our classes are supplemented with Google Classroom and original online materials to help you go further than you ever could with self-study.

What you will take away from this course

  • Gain an understanding of JLPT N3 level sentence structure
  • Learn the reading patterns and typical text patterns for the JLPT N3
  • Learn how to use words instead of simple memorization
  • Be exposed to a variety of listening exercises to pinpoint your focus

Course Content

  • The first two months consist of intense grammar and reading practice. During this time, listening exercises will only be once a month. The last month of the course will include intense listening training once a week.
  • Intensive grammar and reading lessons
    Intensive listening lessons
  • Self-study: Self-study materials will be given for characters, vocabulary, and kanji. Feedback will be given in class as necessary.
  • Grammar: Learn new text patterns and organize your knowledge while doing grammar exercises
  • Reading: Learn text patterns to quickly pick out the focal point of any text
  • Listening: Learn how to pick out focal points of conversations, without stressing about questions

Teaching Materials

  • Textbook:『パターン別徹底ドリル日本語能力試験N3』(JLPT N3 Japanese Pattern Drills)
  • Textbook:『ゼッタイ合格!日本語能力試験完全模試N3』 (Pass for sure! Comprehensive JLPT N3)

Class Dates and Times

  • Every Monday and Wednesday from 20:00 to 21:35 (45 mins. x2)
    No classes will be held on public holidays
    ☆ If you would like to take a private lesson, please let us know in your free consultation

Application Deadline

  • Three days before start date


  • Online only

Number of Students

  • Private (1 person)
  • Group (2-6 people)


  • Private lessons ¥3,960 per lesson(45min.)
  • Group lessons ¥1,760 per lesson(45min.)

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