Level Up Your Japanese with Podcasts! – Japanese Course


No more “In one ear and out the other”!
Use podcasts to level up your Japanese!

Are you about N3 level? This workshop will show you how to leverage podcasts to level up your Japanese! The great thing about podcasts is that you can find your favorite topic. From podcasts by Japanese teachers, to fashion podcasts, there’s everything! Listening to a podcast on the train is just in one ear, out the other. Your mind wanders and you take nothing in. In this workshop we’ll show you how to use podcasts to expand your vocabulary and grammar, start discussions in Japanese, and its other various language uses.  We know self-learning is difficult. Join our workshop to get motivated alongside other learners!

What you will take away from our workshop

  • Expanded vocabulary and grammar
  • Get more used to the sound of Japanese, and acquire active listening skills
  • Learn tips and tricks to start figuring out your opinions and thoughts in Japanese from what you’ve heard

Workshop Contents
* You can join one or more workshops

  • Workshop 1
    Learn vocabulary and grammar through news podcasts (How news are reported)
    (Paraphrasing grammatical expressions and words to enrich your vocabulary)
  • Workshop 2
    Discussions through podcasts
    (Examples discussion topics: Environment, politics, daily life))
  • Workshop 3
    Pronunciation and dialects through podcasts
    (There are so many dialects throughout Japan. We’ll listen to podcasts with different dialects, and explore the depths of the sound of Japanese. We’ll also experience Japanese sounds, vocabulary, and expressions that differ depending on age and social hierarchy)

Teaching Materials

  • Podcast
  • Original teaching materials

Opening day

  • February 24 (Thu)

Workshop days, times

  • Every 1st Wednesday: Workshop 1: Learn vocabulary and grammar through podcasts
    Every 2nd Wednesday: Discussions through podcasts
    Every 3rd Wednesday: Pronunciation and dialects through podcasts
    *You can join one or more workshops

Application deadline

  • Up to 3 days before the workshop


  • online

Number of people

  • 2 to 6 people

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