Summer Intensive Course with 3 Core benefits

  1. One-on-one, in-person learning session with our certified instructors
  2. Customized curriculums based on each student’s needs;
    Ex. “Want to maintain Japanese conversation ability” “Want to jump up one/two grades on JLPT” “Want to reinforce listening ability”, etc.
  3. Schedule flexibility, Teacher flexibility

【Limited Offer】July7-Aug15


Ryoko Marumo

I nurture curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research. I respect flexibility. I am committed to teach with enthusiasm, exploring knowledge, and most importantly, FUN TO LEARN! Bilingual educated in US in Jr. highschool to highschool. Certified teacher. Business experience in finance, startups (Rakuten) Teaching experience, curriculum planning, corporate training for 12years supporting Foreign residents, students, children, private companies, VIPs and Embassies.Make your life in Japan enjoyable/ Speak more natively / Build vocabulary / Improve Fluency, Pronunciation, Reading and Writing Skills, Enjoy Cultural Events
  • Academic Writing, Reading
  • Application letters for universities
  • Business speech, CV,reading, writing
  • Introduce high quality experience of Japanese culture, through various programs

Tomoko Goto

Thank you for visiting my profile. My name is Tomoko.

I am a qualified and experienced Japanese teacher. I completed the full Language Teacher Training Course (over 420 hours) and passed the Japanese Language Teacher Competency Test.

I view myself as a friendly and patient teacher.
My lessons are mainly conversation-based and I only use Japanese during my lessons.
For students who are complete beginners, I can also provide an explanation of Japanese grammar in English.

I am excited about teaching Japanese and a very keen language learner. Learning a foreign language helps us expand our horizons. When I am not teaching, I love reading books and watching musicals.

I will try to tailor your lessons to your needs or goals.
I am looking forward to being part of your journey in learning Japanese :)

Shiho Yamashita

I have been teaching Japanese for about 10 years, including 1 year in Australia.
I would like to get to know many of you through my lessons, and I hope we can enjoy studying together!

 Rie Hatae

I have taught Japanese for 10 years mainly to international students, with a wide range of levels from entry level to business level. I’ve also taken Recuurent Education Program at Japan Women’s University. I provide lessons that meets your personal needs by using materials that makes learning fun. For example, with anime fans I’ve used manga, and with literature fans Japanese literature, and with businessmen newspapers etc… I will conduct lessons that best meets your needs, so that I can improve your life in Japan!

Misa Suzuki

I’ve been worked as a Japanese teacher for 5years. I also have experience from worked for several organizations. With my experience, I can give you original lessons that can meet your needs.

Akira Katsumi

“Empathy is the most important management resource.” This is the conclusion which I have drawn from working as a journalist in the business management fields for about 40 years. Empathy in all relationships, such as between companies and customers, managers and employees, bosses and subordinates, and fellow employees, is the source for creating value and also happiness. The title of the book which I wrote in 2020 was “Sympathetic Management” (published by Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd.). As a Japanese language educator, I would like to provide lessons that students can relate to.


21,120 JPY30% OFF14,784 JPY / Sessions: 4
42,240 JPY35% OFF27,456 JPY / Sessions: 8
63,360 JPY40% OFF38,016 JPY/ Sessions: 12


60 minitues

About Cancellation

Please report your cancellation before 24 hours of the class.
No-shows and appointments cancelled within 24 hours before the lesson will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

About Refund

*Purchases will be refundable upon cancellation of the remaining lessons within 3 days after the first lesson, given the fact that you have only taken one lesson.
*Refundable amount will be the total amount of the lesson package purchased minus the first lesson fee and the stripe transaction fee.

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