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  • A solid language foundation to further your career prospects in Japan
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Why study for the JLPT?

The JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is often used as a standard to measure Japanese ability. Although a few other Japanese proficiency exams exist, the JLPT is the most highly recognized. Not only is it widely used as a benchmark for job postings, but it also equips you with essential language skills for daily life in Japan.

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Intensive JLPT

Pass JLPT in July 2022 with just two lessons a week!

Every Tuesday and Thursday
19:00 to 20:35
(45 mins. x 2)

Every Tuesday and Thursday
19:00 to 20:35
(45 mins. x 2)

(45 mins. x 2)

Every Tuesday and Thursday
20:00 to 21:35
(45 mins. x 2)

Intensive JLPT Listening

This course is a one month course for people looking to improve their listening skills for JLPT.

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Feedback from past students


What I really appreciated in Marumo-sensei’s method is that even though my goal was to pass JLPTN2, her teaching was broader, including subjects that were compatible with my interests that helped me develop a deeper understanding of the everyday Japanese language.

Professional Firms

As we moved closer to the exam date, Marumo-sensei adjusted her teaching more specifically to the needs of the exam and offered me tips and tools on how to pass the exam.

Private clients

During the whole process she was very supportive, focusing on areas that I needed to work more, offering additional study materials, making herself available when I needed her, and most importantly maintaining my motivation throughout.