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I nurture curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research. I respect flexibility. I am committed to teach with enthusiasm, exploring knowledge, and most importantly, FUN TO LEARN! Bilingual educated in US in Jr. highschool to highschool. Certified teacher. Business experience in finance, startups (Rakuten) Teaching experience, curriculum planning, corporate training for 12years supporting Foreign residents, students, children, private companies, VIPs and Embassies.Make your life in Japan enjoyable/ Speak more natively / Build vocabulary / Improve Fluency, Pronunciation, Reading and Writing Skills, Enjoy Cultural Events
  • Academic Writing, Reading
  • Application letters for universities
  • Business speech, CV,reading, writing
  • Introduce high quality experience of Japanese culture, through various programs

Thank you for visiting my profile. My name is Tomoko.

I am a qualified and experienced Japanese teacher. I completed the full Language Teacher Training Course (over 420 hours) and passed the Japanese Language Teacher Competency Test.

I view myself as a friendly and patient teacher.
My lessons are mainly conversation-based and I only use Japanese during my lessons.
For students who are complete beginners, I can also provide an explanation of Japanese grammar in English.

I am excited about teaching Japanese and a very keen language learner. Learning a foreign language helps us expand our horizons. When I am not teaching, I love reading books and watching musicals.

I will try to tailor your lessons to your needs or goals.
I am looking forward to being part of your journey in learning Japanese :)

Hi! I’m Rina.

I love to travel and eat delicious foods!
I usually go for a drive with a camera or eat at good restaurants on my day off.

Let’s make travel plans for the weekend and vacation while learning useful travel phrases with fun!
I’ll introduce my recommended spots in Japan and delicious foods!

I’m looking forward to learning Japanese with you!

Hello,my name is Katsumi. Please call me KATSU!
I’m from Japan. I live in Ibaraki prefecture. I used to live in Bolivia and German.
In university, I majored in Special Education. I have worked as a teacher at a deaf school, elementary schools and junior highschools in the past. Now, I work at a Japanese language school for foreigners as a japanese teacher.
My hobby is playing tennis and traveling. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.
Hello, nice to meet you.
Do you enjoy your life in Japan? What was your most fun experience in Japan?
What is your hobby, and do you have a favorite shop?
Just like this, I’m looking forward to knowing you all through casual conversations. Please tell me all about yourself!
In my lesson, I will help you
Let’s grow together!
Hi everyone, my name is Tomoko Kanda.
I have been teaching Japanese for 21years, and through my years I’ve met many people.
I respect everyone who intend to learn Japanese because I know how hard the language is, no matter your goal.
Let`s enjoy leaning japanese at your own pace.
I want to support your leaning as much as possible!

I have been teaching Japanese for about 10 years, including 1 year in Australia. I would like to get to know many of you through my lessons, and I hope we can enjoy studying together!

I have taught Japanese for 10 years mainly to international students, with a wide range of levels from entry level to business level.
I’ve also taken Recuurent Education Program at Japan Women’s University.
I provide lessons that meets your personal needs by using materials that makes learning fun. For example, with anime fans I’ve used manga, and with literature fans Japanese literature, and with businessmen newspapers etc…
I will conduct lessons that best meets your needs, so that I can improve your life in Japan!

I’ve been worked as a Japanese teacher for 5years. I also have experience from worked for several organizations. With my experience, I can give you original lessons that can meet your needs.

Hello, everyone!
I’ve worked a long time for a fashion and material company.
I started teaching Japanese three years ago.
I love to eat, though I don’t drink much. I also love music, movies, fashion.
Let’s just relax and talk about such things, about Japan and Tokyo.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all!

Hi, my name is Kishi, nice to meet you.
How is your life in Japan? I know it can sometimes be difficult to communicate with people who have different cultural and language backgrounds, because I’ve felt that way when I lived abroad.
But I also know that interacting with a different culture and its people is a fun and interesting experience.
Let’s learn Japanese through such experience with me!
I’m looking forward to meeting you all.
I live wih my husband, daughter, and a puppy in Chiba. In college, I studied linguistics and Japanese literature.
I love learning languages!
Hello everyone, my name is Toshiaki(Tom)Ishizuka. Nice to meet you.

I will teach business-level Japanese based on my 40-year experience as a businessman.
My speciality is job interviews, because I worked as the head of recruitment for1 5 years.
I can help you practice job nterviews and check your job application called Entry Sheet.
It would be my greatest pleasure if you let me help your learining.
I also would love to teach Japanese culture.
I look forward to seeing you soon!

“Empathy is the most important management resource.” This is the conclusion which I have drawn from working as a journalist in the business management fields for about 40 years. Empathy in all relationships, such as between companies and customers, managers and employees, bosses and subordinates, and fellow employees, is the source for creating value and also happiness. The title of the book which I wrote in 2020 was “Sympathetic Management” (published by Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd.).
As a Japanese language educator, I would like to provide lessons that students can relate to.

I am a person who always loves spending time with people.
As a diving instructor, I travel across the world and have met many incredible people.
One thing I’ve learned from my time in the ocean is that while underwater, people can appreciate the nature and themselves, no matter the difference in their backgrounds.
I’ve also found that when people are enjoying diving, they learn much faster and become even more passionate about diving.
I also realized the beauty of the Japanese language after being introduced to many fascinating cultures and languages.
Just as it is for diving, i believe if you can enjoy learning Japanese, you will be able to realize the fun and beauty of the language and the culture.
Let’s enjoy speaking Japanese together!

Why did you decide to learn Japanese?
For work, for pleasure, for travelling…
I think everyone has their own reason.
Stepping into a new world and having many experiances and inspirations
is a very fun thing, like learning Japanese.
I will be devoted to your learning so that you can achieve your goals in Japanese.
In my class, I will teach Japanese culture, custums, and the Japanese way of thinking.
Let’s enjoy learning Japanese together!
I love having conversations wih people.
With my experience as a Japanese housewife and a mother, I can each practical Japanese conversations that you can use in your day to day life.
My hobbies are cooking and watching cooking shows and dramas on TV.
I’m also interested in overseas information programs.
In my lesson I will also teach you Japanese culture and essential knoledge for your life in Japan.
Let’s enjoy speaking Japanese together!
Nice to meet you! I am Satsuki.
I’m not only a Japanese teacher but also a full-time business woman. Now I’m working at a consumer products company as a marketing researcher.
Since I was a junior school student, I’ve always been interested in foreign countries, so in University, I went to Canada to study business.
One of my favorite things to do is going to lunch with my friends (there have been fewer opportunities these days, though). I am also a big fun of pop idols, so singing their songs is my fun time as well..! I also love studying new languages and cultures, so it’ll be great if you teach me your language or culture.
Let’s study Japanese together and share a great time with me!
I teach a wide range of classes, including beginner through advanced levels, online, JLPT prep, and private lessons at a major Japanese language school accredited by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. I also manage cohorts of international students.
I also have experience teaching corporate clients (Yakult/Shimizu Corp.-sponsored professional rugby players, Dai-ichi Life, NTT, Victorinox, etc.).
I am a certified instructor of the “NYUMON / YASASHII NIHONGO” training program for Japanese organizations.
I am married to an American, gave birth in Germany, and experienced parenting in the United States. I have overcome language and cultural barriers, and raised my son to be bilingual (JLPT N1) and multicultural. My strength is communication, and I want to help develop a multicultural society.
Hello, I’m Chika.
I’m a professional Japanese teacher and a licensed English speaking tour guide.
I’ve supported many people from overseas in learning Japanese.
I’m always wanting to share my knowledge with different people of different culture and in return learning from them.
You may ask me anything about Japan. I’m happy if you’re able to get communication skills of keeping up conversation with Japanese in this short conversation lesson.
Let’s talk with me and have fun!
I am a qualified Japanese teacher (a certified 420+ hour training course) with a master’s degree in translation studies at University College London and a former elementary school teacher in Japan.

I have taught pupils in the 3rd grade and a class for children with special needs as a public elementary school teacher for several years after having completed my Master of Arts in Education Studies at a graduate school in Japan. Afterwards, I left the teaching job because I wanted to study translation and interpreting at University College London in the UK.

Finally, I settled in Tokyo in 2019 after shuttling between Tokyo and London for a couple of years to obtain my master’s degree in the UK.

I can empathize with those who study a second language very hard without prior knowledge because I myself started studying English from the elementary level after having decided to study abroad. Furthermore, from my experience in London as an expat, I know how challenging it can be, living in a foreign country with a language barrier and cultural gaps.

Let us discover together how learning Japanese can help you to overcome struggles and make your life more fun in Japan! I am looking forward to meeting you in our class.

Nice to meet you.
My name is Tomoko Miyamoto.
I became a Japanese teacher in April of this year.
Until last year, I was working in medical field.
My hobbies are hip-hop dancing and cooking.
I like healthy topics.
I also learned traditional Japanese tea ceremony and flower arrangement
I haven’t done it recently, so I forgot a lot.
I’d like to talk a lot with all you!
I became very much interested in different cultures when I was small.
Since then, I have learned Cantonese, Korean, and French besides English. When you’ve learned a foreign language, you can communicate with people speaking the language and will want to know more about them and their culture. How exciting it is to discover a world you did not know before!
I myself enjoyed it through studying abroad when I was in undergraduate in the U.S. So, I would like to help anyone who wants to learn Japanese to have fun in Japanese community.
I have taught Japanese language in various different institutions; universities in Japan and in the U.S., a special training school, Japanese language schools, an embassy etc. Also, I teach cgroup lessons, private lessons, and semi-privates lessons. I have worked with people from different countries at language institutions and with only Japanese in some Japanese companies.
My lessons are basically based on a learner’s needs and his/her leaning style and I hope it could be a bridge between you and Japanese language and culture. I will learn a lot from you too. Let’s have fun in learning together!
Hello,my name is Nao!
I live in Tokyo and I love walking and exploring new places.
Sometimes when I’m walking around an unfamiliar town and turn one corner, I find views that I’ve never even imagined!
When something like that happens, it makes me very happy.
Having a conversation is just like exploring a new city, it’s very exciting!

My recent interests include visiting cafes and soba noodle shops that reuses old Japanese style houses, watching movies, especially musical and comedy movies.
I’ve studied abroad and had my child overseas.
It’s very fun to be introduced to cultural differences.

Nice to meet you. I was a teacher at prep school when I came here.
I appreciate the opportunity to teach Japanese and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys!!
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