Short conversation class is recommended for those who want to improve conversational skill and at the same time enrich their life in Japan, or understand and talk about Japanese culture in depth!

3 benefits

  • Flexible 20 minutes conversation class you can reserve anytime.
  • Find the topic you love to talk about from below, and then the teacher who is good at it!
  • Have fun talking, so you feel confident, have deeper knowledge and be a better communicator!
Pick from topics or teachers. Buy packages. Make reservation and start talking. Make changes on schedule or teacher 24 hours before lesson time!

Let’s talk about what you like

Click on each category to see what kind of teachers you can talk to.

Career / Jobs

Cooking in Japan


Economics / Politics


Japanese Buddhist Art

Japanese History

Japanese Idol

Japanese manga / animation

 Japanese Traditional Culture

Medical Service







2,475 JPY / 3 trial lessons
7,920 JPY / 8 lessons
14,960 JPY / 16 lessons
21,120 JPY / 24 lessons

20 minutes per lesson

Let’s talk about what you like

Once you have decided on the three topics you would like to talk in Japanese, please go to the next page to purchase a membership.